Southpoint Fabrication Inc was started in 2010 by two brothers, Henry and John Neufeld both of whom had years of machine shop and welding experience prior to that. Even today, both Henry and John are still very much hands-on in the shop, making sure that your project gets done right.

We are first and foremost, a custom machine shop that specialises in machining, welding and fabricating from sheet metal, steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We can also accommodate powder painting through out-sourcing.

A small machine shop with only a few employees, we can give you the attention you deserve on your project as we work with you to custom build your conveyor lines, or modify existing equipment for your special needs or enhanced performance. We also work with you in maintaining your equipment and machinery.

At Southpoint Fabrication Inc, we believe that a promise and a handshake means something. We value integrity and mutual respect in the ways we do business. We work hard at building long-term client relationships. We understand the demands of the agricultural and packing house industries and work with you in creating timely solutions.

Here are a few of the more common services we offer:

  • Conveyor Solutions
    Conveyor lines for the packing house, food processing lines and agricultural sorting stations. From building new custom packing house conveyor lines to customising existing lines with add-ons such as safety guards, turntables, stainless steel side tables and simple reinforcements.
  • Agricultural Equipment
    From custom crop shredders and picking carts to stainless steel water filtration systems and mixing tanks, we build custom solutions for the greenhouse and agricultural industries.
  • Custom Fabricating
    Custom railings and safety guards for packing, warehousing and manufacturing facilities as well as beautiful aluminum and metal railings and fences for your institution, home, or backyard. Or that hard to find custom super-BBQ!
  • Truck & Trailer Repairs
    Van trailer floor replacements, Custom Stainless steel tank covers and running boards or mirrored stainless steel enhancements.

Call us today to get your project started: (519) 326-0034 or email us: info@southpointfab.com